Workshops in Dance Medicine

What is Dance Medicine?
Dance Medicine is comparable to Sports Medicine. Just as Sports Medicine is concerned with athletes, in Dance Medicine the focus is on the special needs of dancers.
The medical and physiotherapeutic care of dancers is different from that of athletes, because the demands and stress in dance are not the same as in sports. TanzMedizin Deutschland e.V. ( is active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and, among other activities, offers continued studies with a certification in this subject. These courses are intended to inform medical doctors and physiotherapists about the special needs of dancers and also to help dance teachers and dancers to achieve a medically correct training. The subects of these continued studies are manifold: from anatomy to alternative training methods and from neurology to methods of communication in dance classes.

Antinéa´s offer of workshops in dance medicine
Antinéa has been teaching since 2003 within the scope of the certificate program of TaMeD.
She offers the following subjects:
-         Flamenco Dance under the aspects of dance medicine
-         The Foot – the influence of dance technique, footwear and more
-         The Spine in Dance
-         Mental Training: training of relaxation and resources
-         The strong centre – the influence of strong abdominal body muscles
-         Nutrition – what you should know about healthy nutrition
-         Pilates Training
All of the workshops start with anatomy and physiology of the respective subject. Aside from information about prevention and rehabilitation, practical exercises and possibilities of training the respective muscles are taught.

When and where are workshops in dance medicine held with Antinéa?
Antinéa periodically teaches one to two workshops per semester within the scope of the TaMeD certificate program. Places and dates can be found on the workshop agenda at

There is also the possibility to book Antinéa to give a workshop in your own studio. If you are interested, please contact us by email. We will be glad to send you an individual offer.