Flamenco Dance Classes for adults

Antinéa teaches a dance technique which works with, not against the body. In this Flamenco footwork the dancer works from the center of the body. This dance technique is physically correct and medically sound, so that the joints will not be damaged, and power and velocity will be developed in a natural manner.

Antinéa teaches all styles of Flamenco Dance for all levels (beginners to professionals), for example Bulerías, Soleá, Tangos, Alegrías, Siguiriyas, Soleá por Bulerías, Garrotín, Martinete etc.
Also she gives lessons in using properties such as a hat, mantón de manila, bata de cola, bastón, a fan and castanets.

Aside from this, she also gives classes in playing castanets (both as a concert and for use while dancing) teaches history and theory of flamenco, sevillanas and improvisation.

Since 1994 Antinéa has taught classes and workshops in Germany, Austria, Spain and France, and since 2002 she is member of the German Association of Dance Pedagogues.
Presently she is working on certification with the German Dance Medicine Association, Tanzmedizin Deutschland e.V. (TaMeD). There she has offered courses since 2003 and has been an advisor to the board since 2005.

Her lessons start with a comprehensive warm up which also includes zapateados (foot technique) and arm exercises as well as training of posture, movement through space, training of the musical ear and rhythm.

During the lessons she also works on choreography. With the choreography she teaches the theoretical backgrounds (origin, history, characteristics, differences to other styles, etc.)
At the end of the course the students will be able to dance the learned choreography on their own.

The themes (for choreographies) for each course can be coordinated to the wishes of the organizers.

In general, there is always the possibility that a guitarist can accompany the class.

In addition, Antinéa organizes guest workshops with such great flamenco artists as Manolo Marin (Sevilla) and Belén Maya (Madrid).