Curriculum Vitae

Antinéa begins in 1985 with dancing Flamenco. Also she takes classes in Jazzdance, Modern Dance, Classical Ballet and Oriental Dance.

Antinéa receives her Flamenco dance education with Amparo de Triana (Berlin), Manolo Marín (Sevilla) and Merche Esmeralda (Madrid). Other important teachers are Mercedes y Albano, Carmen Ledesma and Javier Cruz. In addition, she studies classical Ballet (with Libby Farr, Berlin), Clásico Español (with Guadalupe Gómez and Paco Romero, Madrid) and Cante Flamenco (with Carmen de Torres, Sevilla).

She performs in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France and Spain. In 1995 she is featured at the Flamenco Festival in Brandenburg and at the Weltmusikfestival in Weyer, Austria. In 2001 and 2002 she performs at the Flamenco Festivals in Freiburg, and 2001 and 2003 at the Flamenco Festivals in Düsseldorf, where she also gives workshops and in 2003 also at the Flamenco Festival in Hamburg.
Antinéa works extensively with wellknown artists such as José Parrondo, Miguel Pérez, Carlos “El Canario”, Carmen Fernández, Rafael de Huelva, Carmen de Torres, Mariano Martín, Ricardo Espinosa among others.

She receives her education as an examined dance pedagogue for Flamenco Dance with Amparo de Triana (1992 –1998, Berlin). She studies eight semesters (four years) of Medicine. She developes an extensive knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology, which plays an important role in her pedagogical instruction.
Since 1994 she teaches own classes in Berlin and other cities.
Since 2005 member of the German Association of Dance Medicine (TaMeD e.V.).
Antinéa teaches a physically correct and medically founded dance technique, also at VIth Symposium of Dance Medicine at the Folkwang University in Essen (May 2003), at the VIIth Symposium for Dance Medicine at the Bavarian National Ballet in Munich (May 2005) and at the VIIIth Symposium for Dance Medicine at the Stuttgarter Ballett (May 2006).

From 1998 to 2000 Antinéa studies and works in Sevilla. Since 2001 she lives and works again in Germany and goes - if her full agenda allows that - as often as possible to Sevilla.
She teaches workshops throughout Europe.
From October 2000 to July 2002 she is guest student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts “Ernst Busch”, studying choreography. In Sevilla she takes classes at the wellknown theatre academy “Viento Sur” with Jorge Cuadrelli and Maite Lozano.

From 1999 to 2001 she is contracted for the role of the mother and the death in “Don Juan”, a flamenco dance theatre production of Catarina Mora in Stuttgart.

In April 2003 she goes on tour with her first own flamenco dance theatre “Sentimientos Oscuros”.

In June and July 2003 she is on tour throughout Slovenia with La Chova and Nicolas (Netherlands) and performs also at the Slovenian television.

Her second flamenco dance theatre “Leyenda e Historia”, a succesfull fusion of recitation, dance and music, has its premiere in 2005.

Since 2004 she teaches workshops periodically in the Netherlands, since 2006 she teaches projects in schools.

With her own group she performs throughout Europe.

2006 she finishes her education as a Pilates Mat Trainer at Polestar Education International, the world-leading instructor within the Pilates Method. Polestar Education International is a worldwide recognized concept, which preserves the original theories and integrates new knowledge. Cognitions of sports medicine, physiology and in first place also of didactics and motor control enrich the origin principles of the Pilates Method.

Also she is teacher for relaxing methods. She is Member at the German Association of Dance Medicine (TaMeD). For TaMeD she works as a teacher since 2003 and manages from 2009 to 2010 the department „fair“. From 2011 to 2013 she teaches in Berlin at an acadamy for circus pedagogues.